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Trace Soccer Online Demo - Game Video - Performance Metrics - Trace iD - 2021

This video walks you through Trace Soccer, a soccer camera system for youth soccer teams. We'll provide you a quick overview of how teams filmed before Trace. You'll also see all the equipment Trace provides so you can record all your scrimmages and matches.

We also cover Trace Game Results, this is what every coach, player, and parent will receive once TRACE_BOT is done processing and editing a game. Each player will get a personalized playlist of important moments from the game. They will also have access to performance metrics to see how fast they ran, distance, and some specialized soccer metrics.

This video then moves on to show you Trace iD, the best way to organize your moments across all your Traced matches. Trace iD is a powerful tool for sharing your best moments with friends, family, and college recruiters.

Finally, we'll walk you through pricing for Trace. It's important to remember that Trace's cost covers the ENTIRE team, bringing unmatched value at an affordable price.


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