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Soccer News and Club Update

05G Aguero Warming Up

Triumph Family,

It is amazing how fast our lives have changed this past month, including the youth sports landscape.  Just one month ago I was preparing a club update with all the great things that were happening within the club and each team.  We had just finished the 15th annual Winter Cup, all our teams were improving and playing well, and the academy teams were gaining a lot of momentum.  Now we aren't allowed to step on a field together with the uncertainty of when we will play again.

The good news is that great things are still in the works for Triumph.  We believe that as a small, non-profit club we will become even more competitive.   We have board members that are all volunteers, fields that are not tied to expensive rent agreements, and high level coaches that are with Triumph because of our culture, and have a passion to work with young athletes, not because it is a job.  Our coaches are all planning for the new soccer season by staying active with their teams and in the soccer community.  With that being said, here are some updates on soccer in NTX.

  • Development Academy League (DA) disbanded (more to come in separate communication).

  • NPL – In case you didn’t know, Triumph is a part of NPL, and with DA gone there will be more clubs wanting to become part of NPL. 

  • MLS teams have formed a new league.   The rumors are that no club or team is going to be excluded.  As more facts become available, we will update everyone.

  • The leagues are telling us to be ready to play on May 1st and play in June if needed. This is probably false hope as we don’t see restrictions being lifted enough to play again this spring, yet we need to be ready if they do.

I am sure there will be a lot of questions as we go through the transition together so the club will be providing more updates on the following: 

  • Overall changes to soccer in NTX.  Richard Smith will be communicating.

  • Update on the league’s we currently play in (academy separate from select). 

  • Updates as the government makes changes and how it impacts playing.   This communication will come from the Board.

  • Other updates pertaining to the next season.

Stay safe and healthy, and do your best to keep your child in shape!  With great coaches, parents, and board members we will be prepared when the games begin! 

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