Uniform Policy

Triumph's policy is to have a uniform package that will be used for a minimum of two years.  Thus, great effort is given to working with vendors that have a quality uniform that meets this expectation.  However, we are always subject to their production.  As a club, we've been lucky with the consistency of what is offered.  Often player's outgrow their uniform as opposed to changes in uniforms.  


Select team uniform kit consists of:

  • Game Uniform - White - white jersey, shorts and socks - required by leagues

  • Game Uniform - Sky Blue - sky jersey, shorts and socks 

  • Game Uniform - Navy Blue - navy jersey, shorts and navy/sky socks 

  • Practice Gear - Teal - teal jersey, navy shorts and navy socks

  • Practice Gear - Maroon - white jersey, maroon shorts and maroon socks

  • Warm Up - Navy jacket and black pants - required for all select teams

  • Fleece Top - sky blue top with embroidered logo and number for girls; boys have the option of a navy top

The coach has the final say on whether or not the team will use all three game uniforms or just two of the three.  Every team is required to use both practice gear packages.  

Academy teams refer to Uniform Catalog document on this page.  It will differ from Select teams. 

Uniforms are purchased online through Soccer Corner.  In July we usually have a bulk order placed and delivered to the manager for distribution to the team.  After the bulk order, parents can elect to have the ordered delivered to Soccer Corner for pick up or have delivered to their home. 

2020 Academy Uniforms & Pricing

2020 Select Uniform Pricing

Sock Sizing Chart

2020 The Soccer Corner Select Uniforms

2020 XARA Uniform Sizing

Ordering Procedure

Things to know before ordering

Below are helpful tips and reminders on things that come up each year with uniform orders. 

  • When ordering you will see the word required next to some items in the catalog - this is a Soccer Corner (SC) system limitation, it does not necessarily mean it is required by the team.   Check with your manager on what is needed for your team.  

  • Every team is required to use the proper practice gear.  July 2020 this will consist of a maroon and teal package.  

  • The July ordering process is completed as a team/club and labeled by Soccer Corner as Bulk Order.  That deadline is July 8.  If you miss the bulk order deadline, no problem.  The order is processed individually and may arrive separately from the team order.

  • Socks - choose the correct size  


  • Small - child sizes 10-13 - usually academy players

  • Medium - youth sizes 1-6; ladies sizes 4-8 - almost everyone will order this size

  • Large - adult sizes for ladies sizes 9-12, men’s sizes 7-13


  • When you receive your order, if the socks are too large or too small, they can be swapped out.  

  • Uniform pieces cannot be exchanged - make sure to order the correct size.  Special attention toward ordering boy or girl items. The Soccer Corner is not responsible to question if girls are ordering boys sizes and vice versa as these situations do occur.  

Winter Gear Required for Select Teams

Winter gear consists of the XARA warm-up jacket and pant along with a fleece top from 20 Degrees Below.  These items are normally ordered late August/early September. 


Warm-ups will be ordered online through Soccer Corner.  Fleece tops are ordered directly with the vendor by Triumph.  You'll receive information from your team manager when it's time to size and order. 

Winter Gear Information Sheet

Fleece Top
Sizing Chart