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06G Lescott Serving the Community

On Saturday 18th February 2023, Triumph FC 06G Lescott arrived at the wonderful facility of

Amazing Grace Food Pantry, located at 1711 Parker Rd in Wylie, to join other terrific giving people from the community. The facility is fast approaching its five year anniversary, with over two million meals provided to the community last year alone.

The team congregated at 7:15am, where the day commenced in prayer before being given a tour of the facility. The Team, Coach Simon, Assistant Coach Jeremy, and Team Manager Conny, were allocated different roles including filling family boxes with various tinned, baked, and meat products, stocking deliveries, running meals to awaiting families, and also technology based tasks. Tasks were performed at a fast pace, with a smile on faces as the five hours went by swiftly.

The facility supervisors were hugely impressed with the proactiveness, initiative and energy that these young women brought to the morning work; hugs, handshakes and smiles were aplenty following the morning duties.

Triumph FC 06G Lescott have had great success and development since joining the club in the summer of 2022, however it is the ambition of the coaching staff and families to ingrain a positive and committed culture both on and off the field to aid future success as both athletes and young women. Many of the players have since stated they wish to become a more consistent member of the voluntary group, such was the wonderful experience and environment encountered.


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