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COVID-19 Update

Triumph Family –

The club has been taking a very cautious approach in starting up practices. We are basing our decision on direction from the CDC, Government, local youth associations, and our own personal insights. Based on the communication from these sources, here is a club update on the status of starting practices.

· The club is preparing to start practices on June 1st. Richard Smith will be coordinating the dates and times to ensure we are closely managing the number of people and players that are allowed on the fields.

· Safe Practice guidelines have been prepared for the start of practices. These are being communicated to all teams from your respective coach.

· Zoom meetings have been set up with each team to communicate the situation and ask questions to the coaches.

· There will be no teams participating in tournaments through June.

· The select leagues have all cancelled the spring season. The Pit is still holding on to some hope that they can play academy games in June. This is unlikely and we are not planning to play.

I know the players have all been practicing on their own, and probably staying active in a variety of different ways, but we will not rush into practices or try and catch up on lost time. We will not try and add practices with the thought of gaining an advantage versus other clubs and teams. We will do what is in the best interest of the players, which will be specially designed practices that include development, social distancing, and fun! The players have all been away for over two months and they will need time to get back into a groove and get soccer fit. Our plan is to give each team the appropriate training sessions for a smooth transition.

Concero Incresco Spiritus

John Romes

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