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Triumph Herald: The Future

Building Foundations

Well the spring season was about the same as the fall...RAINY!

I know our coaches despite the rain have been very active in laying the foundations for Triumph today tomorrow, and the future.

We could have as many as 4 2013 girls teams playing in the fall and 2 2012 boys teams. Add to that the possibility of a 2008 girls, 2006 girls and 2005 girls teams you can see where the club is going.

We want to have steady growth and build a thriving academy program here in The Colony. The club has met with the City to lock in our future at Camey and had a very positive meeting. Some of the items discussed were to let us maintain the fields, storage and other items. The City offered us another field with storage and lights (use to be an adult baseball field) but the problem being it would add 10-15 minutes to most of your journeys. We didn’t say no but Kathy and I both felt that was an issue.

The City would like for us to take over all of Camey and with more teams this could be a better prospect for a place we can official call home.

As 2018/19 ends a new year starts 2019/20 and the quest for new players. This is a good time to be sounding out school friends about their intentions for the new soccer year. Open practices can start now (as we are NPL) with no releases for the 05’s and 06’s.

I know all coaches are actively seeking players especially the 00’s who will become an 02 team with a few more new recruits.

Thank You,

Richard Smith

Director of Soccer Operations PRESIDENT'S POST

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