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COVID-19: Safety First, Soccer Second

Safe Practice Guidelines


  • Temperature taken either at home or before entering the field

  • Each player must have their own ball

  • Each player must have their own training bib (club has purchased these)

  • Each player must have their own water

  • Players must stay in cars until called for via phone message Parents must stay in cars

  • Players to go and sit in designated circle until called for Bags and water bottle stay at designated spot Each player to have own hand sanitizer.

  • Club to provide general use for all to use Players assigned practice groups to make social tracing achievable

  • Toilet facilities are available but are not sanitized after use 

  • ANY symptoms of illness (ie: sore throat, cough, abdominal pains) please keep your child at home



  • Parents to stay in cars Players to maintain social distancing as much as possible

  • No high five or handshakes

  • No sharing water

  • Mask to be worn will be optional

  • Group numbers as will be no more than 8

  • No cell phones to be touched or passed around during practice

  • No spitting of water, chewing gum or fluids Tuesday 

  • No touching of equipment



  • Practice times to be staggered to allow team/group to leave before new group enters

  • Players to go straight to car, no congregating

  • Take all belonging equipment with them (Ball, bib, water etc) 

  • Do not pick up or touch practice equipment

  • Use hand sanitizer before touching personal equipment

  • Any personal items left at field will not be picked up by coach



Any coach-parent conversations are via email, text or phone Our aim is to ensure the players and coaches safety from the first day we step back out on the field to the final day when everything goes back to normal. Triumph will use these guidelines until further notice.

COVID-19: Club Updates

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